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tv   Newsline  KCSMMHZ  May 17, 2013 5:30pm-5:41pm PDT

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hello, and welcome to "newsline." a chinese human rights campaigner who escaped his homeland could draw criticism there once morement he's getting ready to address lawmakers in taiwan. he escaped house arrest last april and fled to the united states. members of human rights group in taiwan say officials have given him permission to visit from late june to mid july. they say he plan does go there
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with relatives. chen plans to give a speech in the legislature and meet researchers and university students, analysts say government officials in china are making life harder for chen's relatives there. some u.s. military personnel in okinawa will soon be relocating. commanders in okinawa are taking the first step to honer an agreement to close facilities and return the land to the japanese. japanese and u.s. officials agreed the americans will start by return ago plot. the land is part of a supply facility. officials with japan's foreign ministry say u.s. military personnel will leave as early as august. u.s. and japanese leaders agreed last month on a timetable for the return of six facilities. visitors to the cannes film festival have seen a clearer
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future. they've been checking out japan's new ultra high-resolution video system and the pictures it produces. the 8-k video format has 16 times the resolution of current high-def significance tv. multi channel sound makes content even more realistic. staff showed visitors a camera and showed its technology and potential. they screened the first narrative film in the new format. beauties a la carte is set in a french restaurant. people came away impressed. >> when you look at some of the details in the glasses and in the food, it looks very realistic. i was very impressed by the color reproduction, which is obviously something ha a little bit difficult in this kind of thing.
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>> researchers at nhk are leading 8-k's development in hopes of bringing it to a wider audience. people in vaught number are enjoying a shortage of electricity. they see that shortage as an opportunity. so they're on a mission to sell american nuclear technology. under secretary of commerce held a seminar in hanoi. they got a sense of what the vietnamese need. >> commercial opportunities in the civil nuclear industry here are currently estimated at $10 billion, and they are expected to grow to $50 billion by 2030. >> he said the nuclear industry presents a great chance for vietnamese and americans to work together more closely.
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the americans tried to allay concerns about nuclear safety. they explained how representatives and the public joined hands to make it safer after the accident in fukushima. vietnamese ordered their first and second plants from russia and japan. people who had to evacuate their houses near the fukushima nuclear plant have been waiting for the day when they can return home. some of them may now have to wait longer. a nhk survey shows that workers have succeeded in cleaning less than 5% of the designated area. even after that work is completed, radiation levels in many places have not fallen to the government's standard. this town lies 30 kilometers
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south of the plant. workers have almost finished cleaning up the area. >> translator: it's 0.39. >> translator: the radiation level is not falling. >> residents are calling for another round of decontamination work. >> translator: the radiation must drop to a level that we feel safe to live with. otherwise, we can never rebuild this area. >> the workers are washing down roads and roofs and scraping off the topsoil in gardens. but town officials say it's difficult to remove radioactive substances from tiny gaps. the work is demanding, and it takes a lot of time. in winter, the task is hampered by heavy snow.
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workers are also having trouble finding places to temporarily store the contaminated soil. >> translator: radiation levels over the long term are expected to drop below the standard only in some of the areas. in the high-level areas, officials should allow the residents the option of moving out. >> officials in the central government say they will reexamine the decontamination plan later this year. japanese and the american scientists are settling and studying the sea. nhk reports from onboard the research vessel. >> reporter: the team of scientists sailed out of tokyo on monday. they will spend ten days testing
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the water. on friday, they approached to about 5 kilometers of the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant. the team members are collecting water and marine species from various depths and taking soil from the seabed. they're aiming to find out whether the release of radio active material is still affecting the environment and whether there have been any further leaks. this man leads the americans on the team. he says they want to shed light on the medium and long term effect of the accident, using the technologies of both the u.s. and japan. the scientists will be taking samples at various locations until next thursday, in hopes of getting answers. nhk world, off the coast of
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fukushima. and we will have more on this in next week's edition of nuclear watch. japanese experts are gearing up to develop the country's next mainstay rocket for managing satellites. the development of the plan, the h 3 is to begin in 2014. it will use liquid fuel and solid fuel. it is estimated to cost about $2 billion. engineers hope to launch the first h 3 in fiscal 2020. the new rocket would succeed the current h 2 a rocket. it has sent satellites into space 16 consecutive times. the high cost has hen derred its international competitiveness.
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a government space panel is to decide on the development of the h3 rocket later this month. here's a three day world weather forecast. that wraps up this edition of "newsline."
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thank you for joining us.


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